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Citrix PVS Wrapper Module Overview

The Citrix PVS Wrapper Module is a wrapper for the provided mcli-pssnapin
that is provided by Citrix. It was developed against Provisioning Services 7.6

So, in the time that I have been working on this project, developing and testing, I totally missed
Citrix releasing an official version. There isn't much documentation on this, but I found the guide

This module was created as I found that the provided module from Citrix
lacked the PowerShell intuity and feel that a good module should have.

This module addresses that by taking most of the provided commands that
were exported through the snap-in and creating 'proper' cmdlets to perform
the same actions.

At this time, all of the Add, Get, Set, SetList and Delete commands have been

Many of the Run commands are still to be put in place, but these will come
in time. A number of the Run commands output can be recreated using other
commands and the built in PowerShell functions.

The module was built on PowerShell 3.0.

For any issues with any commands, please let me know. If you are able to provide
examples of errors that will greatly help in fixing issues.

You will need to import the Module into PowerShell in order to use the
commands. This will automatically load the required Citrix Snap-In and
warn you if there are any issues.

Import-Module CitrixPvsWrapper

For a full list of commands that are available, run the following command:

Get-Command -Module CitrixPvsWrapper

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